Maintaining a CLEAN, GREEN, PRISTINE Environment
We offer full service commercial cleaning, such as day porter, nightly office cleaning, and interior as well as many exterior cleaning services. We tailor our contracts to individual customer needs, providing flexibility in frequency and specific services that work best for each property.
Office Cleaning
building strong value for commercial properties
In office cleaning, EBM focuses on building value for our client’s investment properties. Recognizing that tenant satisfaction plays a large role in a commercial property’s value, we build partnerships with property managers, to create programs that work for each tenant’s specific needs. Our account managers visit tenants, to learn about their specific needs, we monitor their satisfaction of our services and build relationships that promote lasting loyalty on behalf of our clients.

For corporate facilities and tenants, we understand that a clean and pristine office environment, creates positive first impressions for clients and contributes to employee morale and productivity.
In all worksites, our full-service commercial cleaning program, ensures that all of our client’s professional space shines and impresses everyone who spends time there.

Healthcare facilities
building a healthier environment

EBM has extensive experience working with a wide variety of healthcare facilities, from simple consultation clinics, to cancer treatment centers and surgical facilities. Our experience enables us to create high standard custom programs, for every kind of healthcare facility, providing the cleanest and healthiest environment possible.
Program that meets the needs of various healthcare facilities
Through our years of experience, EBM has worked with clients to create and establish the standard cleaning procedures for many healthcare facilities.  Healthcare infections are a major cause of contamination and our specialized cleaning procedures ensure all surfaces are disinfected thoroughly, using hospital grade disinfectant and assures no opportunity for cross contamination to happen throughout the cleaning process. 
Type of Healthcare facilities we serve

  • Doctor’s office
  • Cancer treatment center
  • Surgical clinic
  • Clean room
  • Hospital complex
Healthcare facilities
building a healthier environment
Schools are often a haven for the spread of flu, virus, and other bacteria, making thorough cleanings imperative. School cleaning is more than simply making a classroom look acceptable, or disposing of rubbish, it promotes community health, wellness, and safety. When it comes to servicing educational facilities, we believe our dedication to providing high standard cleaning services, protects the health of the students, faculty and staff.

Over 10 years of experience in school cleaning, enables us to create a team structure, that ensures each school is meticulously cleaned each night. Combined with our account management program, we have been successful in providing a high level standard of health and cleanliness for local schools.

We also continue to be innovative in improving employee productivity in school cleanliness, by consistently introducing and applying effective cutting-edge technologies in cleaning. EBM has many stories about how our program has assisted with raising cleanliness standards, while reducing the overall cost. We evaluate client challenges and work together to find a customized solution for every unique situation.

Multi-family residential
making new buildings move in ready
Our multi-family residential services focus on providing a wide variety of cleaning and light maintenance services. This may encompass one-time special projects and/or long-term service programs, including daily support. We work with all types of multi-family residential properties.

Our standard offerings include:

Common Area Cleaning
Exterior/Ground Patrol and Cleaning
Apartment Turnover Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care
Pressure Washing for entrances, sidewalks and dumpster area
Construction and final move-in cleaning

Construction clean-up
making new buildings more in ready
We offer all stages of construction clean up. Our services cover new and renovated commercial projects. We also work in multifamily communities and other facilities. Our services are custom built to work with each client’s specific needs and timelines.

Construction cleaning services include:

Rough Clean Up: The first stage of post-construction cleaning. We remove all debris from the worksite, wash windows and dust all surfaces.

Final Clean Up: At this stage, we make sure all surfaces are dust and dirt free before the occupants move in.

Green cleaning
Green cleaning is much more that using a few chemicals that have been labeled as “green”. Green
cleaning is defined as a system of cleaning that promotes healthy surroundings for employees, students
and building visitors, and is also less detrimental to the environment.

Benefit of Going Green

Poor indoor air quality consistently ranks among the top five environmental risks to public health. By
going green, you can create a healthier building and;

  • Cut down on the amount of hazardous chemicals used
  • Reduce the potential for spills, accidents and potential liability claims that can occur when using more hazardous chemicals
  • Reduce liability on insurance claims
  • Potentially have lower maintenance costs.
  • Project a positive environmental image to the community.

EBM Green

At EBM, we are committed to Green Cleaning. Our green cleaning program incorporates safer cleaning methods, less toxic cleaning products, more efficient cleaning equipment, packaging that has less impact on the environment. 100% of our paper products meet either EPA guidelines or LEED requirement. Major cleaning materials are green certified. We also have selected cleaning equipment that meets LEED standards, including vacuum cleaners and floor machines.