Why EBM?
Serving NC, SC, VA – regional capabilities with local performance

​Commitment to excellence

EBM works around the clock with property managers, tenants, school boards, health care administrators, and various government agencies, to uphold our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service.

Quality control – our user-friendly Quality Assurance program

QA, (Quality Assurance), has been a driving force of growth for our company. It’s a mobile based program, that communicates with everyone in our team, on a real time basis. All communications with clients are recorded daily and reviewed throughout each day, by our management team, to evaluate performance and address issues quickly. Additionally, our account managers have periodic performance reviews with each of our clients to assure they are receiving the service they expect.

  • Mobile/web-based quality control program

    EBM utilizes a mobile technology to monitor the quality of our services. We can see the quality of our service in real-time as inspections are performed, complete with photos and GPS location for additional verification.

  • Quality control using measurable data

    Everything that happens is documented, logged and easily accessible. Whether it’s an inspection or a complaint from a building occupant, we have a complete audit trail for future reference.   

    These analytics help identify weak spots BEFORE they turn into problems, and tracks corrections and improvement over time. With our own personal online dashboard, we can view the complete performance history of our service and quantify how effective our service is.  

Personalized customer care and responsiveness 

Through many years of experience, EBM has developed an account management program that addresses both internal and external communications. Each customer has a designated account manager, with whom to communicate their daily issues. These account managers assist with such issues as complaints or complicated service requests and basic communications. Our account managers are there to provide timely and satisfactory solutions to any situation that may arise.

As a 24/7-365 single service provider, we are proudly known for prompt responses to every type of service call.  Our dedicated team members consistently respond to any emergency with timely attention.  EBM has a strong reputation for excellence in customer care and satisfaction.


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